Miruna SfiaAbout me

My name is Miruna Sfia and I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, living in Bucharest, Romania. See my portfolio.

What I do? I love graphic design and I’m pretty much home schooled in this area, so I’m learning something new all the time. I have a background in UX, having designed mobile and web apps in the past years – and I have a UX Design certification that surprisingly helps a lot with what I do now: designing brand identities, with a focus on the end client/customer.

I’ve been passionate about drawing ever since I can remember, so my favorite projects are those that require illustration, among other stuff.

My background? I’ve only been a professional graphic designer for about four years now. Before this, I’ve had many jobs, from writing columns for a foodie magazine, to doing marketing & PR for a bartending agency, to producing & hosting my own TV show on cocktails (not as glam as it sounds, though), to doing digital branding & social media for a few brands. Hell, I’ve even worked as a video editor, at some point, and part time voice-over person for news and some TV shows.

Clearly, I’ve tried mostly everything I was ever attracted to (except for theater, but well, there’s still time for that!), but graphic design was a constant passion in my life. So when I finally decided to turn it into a full time job, what I did, besides learning by doing, was trying to reach to other freelance designers, like me, and see how they do it.

Check out my illustrations here.

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About this blog

The idea of interviewing designers and illustrators started from a need of my own, that of getting in touch with designers & artists I admired and asking them things I wanted to know about their work process. Especially since in most cases, there really isn’t much information on the internet about what goes on behind their work, stuff like how they manage projects, what’s their work process, how they keep the business going. You know, everything behind what you see on their portfolios!

So I began contacting the illustrators I usually follow, asking them for an interview, and started a column on my personal blog. Since it was something I was doing for fun, I decided to only post new articles on Fridays, because it’s the end of the week and it’s nice to have something to read with your coffee, on the weekend. And this is how Friday Illustrated came together.

When I find a designer or an artist whose work I admire, I’m usually curious about how they got there. What is their background? What inspires them? How did they develop that unique style? It’s amazing how much you can learn by talking to other people who do what you (want to) do, and how this can shape you up, in the long term. Plus, since it’s my blog, I get to ask all the crazy questions I wanna :p

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