Friday 25, 10.2013

Interview with graphic artist Bianca Green

Bianca Green was born in Rio de Janeiro, but lived in Berlin, San Francisco and Montevideo. After working in the music industry for a while, she decided that art suited her more and she went for it.

She  describes herself as a dreamer & color addict. And that’s exactly what her work is all about. Inspired by living in South America, she let her imagination run free and the result was a form of art that vibrates with color and life.

Interview with graphic artist Bianca Green

1. Is your study background design-related?

Not at all! I am not proud of it but I didn’t even finish school. But even though I dropped out, I always had great jobs, worked my way up and am living proof that autodidacts truly exist.

2. How and when did you decide to become an artist?

There was never this certain day, never this moment. This opportunity just came and sat down in front of me so I tried it out. If you never intended or planned on doing something, you handle things with such an easiness. I believe that was my secret recipe.

3. What are the tools you use most?

I mostly work directly with photoshop and draw digitally. But there are some pieces that are hand drawings, and digitally worked on afterwards. I collage a lot, so most of the time you get mixed media for real!

4. What is your favorite technique / style?
I love trying out new things. Anything and everything really. Right now, like these past few days, I have been painting a lot of old wood frames. The texture of wood and the paint on it is something special.

5. Do you have a typical working process (steps you always follow when creating a piece)? What would it be?

Not really. Sometimes you have a slight idea, and you just start doing it and go with the flow and end up having something surprising. Sometimes you have this idea that is ready in your head and all you need to do is get it out just the way it is. That can be harder than freestyling. Because my imagination is a better artist than I am

6. What are your current projects? I know you sell your art online on Society6

I have a lot of shops with different products. Society6 is mainly for prints and tech devices. I also sell home decor products such as shower curtains, beddings, mirrors and more in my DENY Designs shop. And there is so much more in the pipeline. But my main focus right now is my new apartment. Interior design, decorating, putting my work on the walls, that is my most current project and I am having so much fun doing it!

7. What inspires you for the pieces you create?
Everything and anything can inspire me. Currently I get inspired just by being by myself and being able to listen to my own thoughts and images I create in my head. Then I turn on some great music and I can get started.

8. Favorite artists?

Too many! I just bought a beautiful San Francisco illustration from Brooke Weeber, I have two lovely food illustrations by youdesignme in my kitchen, I love the tiny details from Valentina Ramos, the awesome typography art by Chris Piascik, the soft curves by Alfons Mucha, and the wood frame work by Edward Green, my late father. His craft was so inspiring! I could go on forever. There are so many beautiful and super talented artists out there.

9. Favorite websites / blogs? I enjoy clicking through Society6 for hours. Also, my website is a tumblr, and what happens back there is amazing. I follow so many great Interior Design and art blogs, impossible to list them all!

10. Any advice for aspiring artists?

Be yourself. Don’t try to copy someone’s style, or someones vision. Don’t cater to the people, satisfy yourself with your work! Only when you are absolutely happy with it, others will like it too. And have a lot of fun

Check out more of Bianca Green’s work on: tumblr | society6 | facebook | instagram

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